• Diane Castellón
    Lead Writer

    Diane Castellon’16 is a graduate of La Sierra University who studied Political Science and Languages with an emphasis in Spanish and Italian. She wants to use her knowledge of language and government to spread awareness and promote fair treatment of the oppressed and marginalized, namely refugee children coming into the U.S. from Central America. She is passionate about social justice, family, friends, and food.

  • Joyce Ni

    Joyce is a senior at Diamond Bar High School who has a growing passion for Sociology. She hopes to learn more about the world through the lens of a sociologist by partaking in research at La Sierra University and any other work she can get her hands on. ​She also loves apple cider and late night walks with her Corgi.

  • Ken Crane
    Founder, Editor-in-Chief

    Social anthropologist, ethnographer, Associate Professor at La Sierra University, California, Department of History, Politics, and Sociology.

  • Authenticity in Everything.
    Brandon P. Agcaoili
    Lead Writer

    Brandon is an undergraduate at Harvard University and a former research assistant in the History, Politics, & Sociology Department at La Sierra University. His work in Forced Migration Stories has fueled a passion for examining the intersection between economics, human rights law, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship. He currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.